Water Conference 2021 Registration

Water Conference 2021 Registration

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This is the 2021 Water Conference registration form.
The 2021 Conference on the Physics, Chemistry & Biology of Water will meet Thursday, October 14 through Sunday, October 17, 2021.

This year, hotel bookings will be handled separately from conference registration. Please use this form to register for the conference first. Lodging options will be provided afterwards. Additional information about lodging can be found here.

All attendees, please use this form to register. This includes academic and commercial attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers.

First Things First

Please let us know if any of the following conditions apply *


Thank you for your interest in showing an exhibit at the Water Conference.
If you haven't already done so, please apply to be an exhibitor first, then return to complete this form.

You may also consider upgrading to sponsor as they also show technology exhibits.

After you have made arrangements for your exhibit, you may opt to register as a conference attendee using this form. Choose from lodging, meals, and other options.

  • If you plan to bring multiple attendees to the conference, each person should register individually using this form.
  • If you are only showing a technology exhibit, and not attending the conference, there is no need to continue with this form.
  • We are happy to help with this process if anything is unclear. Just contact us.

You will find more information about becoming an exhibitor here.


Thank you for your interest in Sponsoring The Water Conference!

  • Various sponsorship packages are available. More information can be found here.
  • Please formalize your contract before filling out this form.
  • Your sponsorship package will include multiple attendees. Each individual attendee should register by filling out this form.
  • We are happy to help with this process if anything is unclear. Just contact us.


Thank you for speaking at the Water Conference!
(Please note: to participate as a speaker, you must have been previously selected by the conference chair.)

  • Registration fees are covered for speakers, but lodging and meals must be purchased.
  • Please fill out this form to register for lodging, meals, and other options.
  • If you have made special arrangements, please contact us.
  • We are happy to help with this process if anything is unclear. Just contact us.

Young Scientist Scholarship

  • You may may find information about financial support for young scientists here.
  • You must apply for scholarship before filling out this registration form.

If you plan to apply for scholarship, please do not continue to fill out this form.

Contact Information

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Participant Type - Attendee

Please choose from the following participation options *

Participant Type - Exhibitor

I am an exhibitor.
I have the option of registering to attend speaker presentations, stay at the conference hotel, and other options.
The base registration fee is the same as for a Commercial Attendee. Price is €600.

Participant Type - Sponsor

I am a sponsor. My registration, lodging and meals are included with my sponsorship package.

Which company you are associated with?

Participant Type - Speaker

I am a speaker. UPDATE THIS. My registration fees are covered, but lodging and meals must be purchased.
I may choose lodging, meals, and other options on the following registration pages.