Water Conference 2024

Water Conference 2024 

On the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water
17th Annual
Lisbon, Portugal
Chaired by Professor Gerald Pollack

October, 16th to 19th , 2024

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Albert Szent-Györgyi, Nobel laureate, often called the father of modern biochemistry, had plenty to say about water. Most famous: “Water is the matrix of life”; and “Life is water dancing to the tune of solids.” These oft-mentioned quotes typify the theme of the annual water conference. We focus on the fundamentals, right down to the core.

The Water Conference 2024 boasts several new features. Lisbon, is easily accessible, will encourage more participation, and is in accord with the high-level, international nature of the conference.

A word about the exhibitions. Water-related technologists can display their wares in a devoted hall. Conferees can wander, chat, network, and obtain information on the latest water-related technologies. Visit Exhibitor Info to learn about becoming an exhibitor.

Posters will continue as usual. An evening session (with wine, of course) will be reserved for looking at posters and speaking with presenters. Learn more.

Additional options are available, including taking a local tour of Lisbon and participating in a workshop.

And of course, some free time to wander and enjoy the local sights.


The series of conferences began in 2005, in Vermont. Local sponsors set the venue at a ski resort, off season. After eight years, it moved to Bulgaria, a country rich in mineral spring waters. There, we held meetings at various mountain resorts with genuinely breathable fresh air, and ultimately, for easier travel, in Sofia. Recognizing the limits on accessibility even to that major city, we opted finally to move on to Bad Soden, Germany and now to Lisbon, a beautiful City, with easy access to the Lisbon Airport. A shuttle service will be available from the airport to the Tivoli-Oriente Hotel with their excellent conference facilities. Getting there should be very convenient.

In continuing tradition, speakers are carefully selected not only for their breakthrough science, but also for their ability to convey their messages to non-expert audiences. That’s been a highlight. Previous speakers have included prominent scientists from all over the world, including Vladimir Voeikov (Prigogine Gold Medal winner), Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize), Jacob Israelachvili (US National Academy of Science), Brian Josephson (Nobel Prize), Alexander Konovalov, (Akademician, Russian Academy of Sciences, and Rector emeritus, Kazan University). They’ve also included young people with stunning experimental findings. Occasionally, eyes pop, and jaws drop.

Vermont, 2007

Bulgaria, 2018


Leadership is split. Gerald (Jerry) Pollack has charge of all scientific presentations, including the agenda. Tom Meyer is our new director as of 2019. He will oversee the conference now located in Germany. For questions, the go-to person is Maya Lihtina info@waterconf.org.

Gerald Pollack

Conference Chair

Gerald Pollack, PhD, Founder and Chair of the Conference, Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington; Editor in Chief of Journal “Water”; Executive Director of the Institute for Venture Science and a leader in the field of water science. Pollack has received numerous awards and is the author of several books on water — the latest being “The Fourth Phase of Water.”

Tom Meyer


Tom’s signature achievement is the establishment of a financial platform in SE Asia that enables WTI to finance and import many new technologies in the areas of renewable and alternative power generation and clean air/water technologies. In addition, he has carried out many nonprofit/charitable projects, with the aim of benefiting the people of the ASEAN  and satisfying the economic and social needs of their communities. He currently serves on the board of advisers to the DMSB Foundation and has recently also been appointed to the First Nations Medical Board (FNMB).


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