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St. Leonhards is the market leader in the “mineral water” segment in the natural food sector in Germany. The family run water company bottles different artesian spring waters since 1996. To preserve the vitality and liveliness of the artesian spring waters with their naturally crystalline water structure, they are untreated as far as possible and bottled gently directly on the spring location.

St. Leonhards has always been conducting and supporting research into both material and non-material aspects of water. Scientific proof is necessary to raise the consumers’ awareness that good structured water is vital to our health. We are happy to support the Water Conference.

Eng3 Corporation develops, manufactures, and distributes NanoVi™ devices. Eng3 was formed in 2003 in Seattle, Washington. International distributors represent NanoVi™ products in overseas markets, with technical representative in Europe and elsewhere.

Our approach is based in structural biology. By assisting the protein folding process, the cellular activities are improved. Our focus is the cellular water, the only material surrounding proteins in our cells. Eng3 applies the knowledge from a specific area of water science in its NanoVi technology in order to affect the cellular water and assist the protein folding process.

NanoVi™ devices are used in centers and private homes for health, anti-aging, and sports performance.

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