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For over twenty years we have been organizing congresses, conferences, trade fair appearances and incentives for our customers. In doing so, we always follow the guidelines of our customers and optimize them with our experience from past events.
Well-founded knowledge, straightforward direct communication, cost-conscious thinking, the customer benefits implemented to the point.

We love events and work passionately on the successful implementation of the event.

Often it’s the little things that lead to a successful event and by that we mean the smile in the eyes of the visitors at our events.
There are no problems – there are only solutions!

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St. Leonhards is the market leader in the “mineral water” segment in the natural food sector in Germany. The family run water company bottles different artesian spring waters since 1996. To preserve the vitality and liveliness of the artesian spring waters with their naturally crystalline water structure, they are untreated as far as possible and bottled gently directly on the spring location.

St. Leonhards has always been conducting and supporting research into both material and non-material aspects of water. Scientific proof is necessary to raise the consumers’ awareness that good structured water is vital to our health. We are happy to support the Water Conference.

We are a diverse group of people who came together as a result of our individual explorations into the true nature and potential of water and the proper application of natural background frequencies for the purpose of improving our food supply and the health of people everywhere. The recent dramatic decline of people’s health is in large part due to the compromised quality of our food and water due to environmental and electromagnetic pollution. We came together with a history of five decades of combined experience in caring for our environment and seeking to understand its mysteries – with a goal of reversing this disturbing trend.

All Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units are computer designed and machined, individually hand-crafted precision instruments made of the finest food-grade NSF, ANSI and national and international plumbing code-compliant materials such as surgical grade stainless steel, pure copper and precision ground glass.

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