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Water Conference 2019

Exhibitor Information 

Purposes of the exhibition

  • To inform scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, customers about new technology or devices that can improve the quality of life and/or solve problems.
  • To help the author of technology/device to approach a market.

The price for a 2 x 2 square meter exhibitor booth for four days (whole conference) is €1,000 (without VAT).
Additional options available upon request.

Standard equipped exhibition place includes stand, table, chair, WiFi, and website presence.

To apply, please submit your request to


Exhibitor Application

To Participate

Please send application before September 1, 2019 to the organizers of the conference:

The application can be sent in free format (not more than 2 pages) and should contain the following information:

  1. Author (person or company, with contact information)
  2. Description of the showpiece
  3. Field of application
  4. Information that proves effectiveness of the showpiece (research, publications etc.)
  5. Patent-ability
  6. Description of the showpiece (photo, video, links, etc.)

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