Poster Presenters

Water Conference 2019

Present a Poster 

An evening session will be reserved for looking at posters and speaking with presenters. [What is standard length of length of presentation? Anything else to say here?]

Who can present?
Poster presenting is available to any and all participants of The Water Conference 2019. 

What is the cost to present?

How can I sign up to present a poster?
You will be given the opportunity to sign up when you register.
If you decide to present after registering, please contact us [CONTACT EMAIL]

[Is poster printing available in Germany? If so what steps are needed, and how much does it cost?] 

Poster Requirements 

Necessary Information: Title, authors, affiliation, contact information.

Design, Size and Orientation: The size of the poster should be not larger than international format A0 (1189 × 841 mm). The poster should be vertically oriented, i.e., the longer dimension vertical.

Feel free to choose your own design, just make sure to follow the requirements stated above. 


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